educational shows for children by Michael Dear Magic

Often, kids don’t have the patience to sit through classes and listen to lectures.
Even when they do, it often goes in one ear and out the other.  Educational magic shows are designed to teach a subject while circumventing those problems.
These school magic shows are a unique melding of the two fields of education and entertainment, resulting in a special magic show that teaches a subject.  The subject is effectively taught on the framework of a fun, comedic, interactive magic show, but the children will thoroughly learn the subject though explanations, demonstrations, and specially designed magic tricks.  Even the magic words have been designed to form a lasting impression of the subject taught during the show!  By booking an educational magic show, you will have the perfect formula presented to the students.

We hired Michael to do a show at our preschool of 100 students. I have never seen so many children so engaged. Michael's show was funny for the kids and he added a lot of humor for the adults as well, so a good time was had by all. It was a very worthwhile hire!



educational shows for children by Magic Dear

If you looking for an educational magic show for your school, library, camp, or club then you came to the right place!

My Healthy Eating Magic Show was developed specially for Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia to teach the subject of healthy eating and nutrition to preschoolers.

This fun and magically functional show teaches vital (and sometimes difficult to teach!) concepts through magical interactive experiences. This show covers topics such as “eating the rainbow”, drinking lots of water, and the USDA guidelines.  This show leaves the young audience with memorable catchphrases and healthy lessons, presented in a manner they’ll never forget. Others in the series under development include bullying & prosocial behaviors, and character development.

If you are looking for magic shows for schools, then this is a great option!   I am excited to serve the entire Philadelphia, Ambler, Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, and Wynnewood area. If you are living outside these areas, please contact me so we can work out a way to have the best magic show find its way to you.  Contact me today to schedule this amazing preschool educational show!

educational shows for children

Michael is one-of-a-kind! He combined genuine magic mastery with hilarious comic timing, appealing to both adults and kids of all ages.

- N.Z.