Looking for a Birthday Party Magician?

Your child’s birthday is once a year, so make their party unforgettable!  You are going to want a birthday party magician that checks all the boxes!  Your children's entertainer should:

  • Provide laugh-out-loud entertainment
  • Keep the children constantly focused and involved
  • Make your child the star of the show
  • Provide a special gift just for your birthday child
  • Give your birthday child a lifelong memory that will forever be cherished!
birthday girl at Michael Dear's birthday party magic show

Wow! It was such a treat to have Michael at our daughter's birthday party.  Not only are Michael's magic acts great, but what's most impressive was his ability to connect with and engage his 20-person audience of children ages 3-10. We had as many 10-year-old "helpers" as we did 3- to 4-year-olds and all were hysterically laughing and amazed! It's been months and our daughter STILL talks about how funny he is! Thanks Michael!

- S.H.


The experience is the perfect combination of comedy and magic that will leave the children shouting in excitement, bent over laughing as tears of laughter stream down their faces, or leaving their mouths gaping wide in amazement.

So what can I do for you? What is my goal?  To make sure that your child has the best party ever and for you to be as stress-free as possible!

Michael is one-of-a-kind! He combined genuine magic mastery with hilarious comic timing, appealing to both adults and kids of all ages. My family, from the two-year-olds to the grandparents, were talking about his performance for weeks afterwards! Thank you!

- N.Z.

Your child is about to create a memory that will last their lifetime!

As children, they are taught that they are not in charge, that they need to follow the rules, and keep in line.  Some shows and performers try to keep the children quiet, sitting nicely, not talking, making noise, or, basically, having any fun!

My show is not a classroom!  My show is created to break that mold!

The children will laugh, point, interact, and create the magic and comedy that ensue during the show!

On this special day, your child will be a leader, an integral part of the magic during the show, and will receive a special gift from the magician!  Designed in conjunction with expert educators and the guidance of some of the best minds in magic, this show is specially developed to make your child feel like a star, to keep all the children laughing, involved and entertained, and to give you a stress-free chance to enjoy the smile on your child’s face and the knowledge that this will be a lasting memory.

boy amazed at Michael Dear's magic tick

I know that planning a birthday party can be very stressful, so I am also making my Party Planning Guide & Checklist available to you for free!  Simply contact me today with the no-commitment form on the contact page, and ask me for the guide and checklist, and I will email it to you!

Contact me today!  Although I predominantly serve the entire Philadelphia, Ambler, Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, and Wynnewood area, if you are living outside these areas, please contact me so we can work out a way to have the best magic show find its way to you.  Your child only has one birthday a year.  Make the right choice and book today for laugh-out-loud fun and amazement- guaranteed!

Michael was prompt, professional, and well spoken—not to mention extremely adept at magic!

- D.G.